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Kerala Travel Precautions

Kerala is a very tourist friendly state which has made it quite attractive to visitors from around the globe. But just as in other tourist destinations there are certain precautions to be followed to ensure a safe, secure and enjoyable holiday. Detailed below is a collection of DO’s and DO NOT’s to be observed while visiting God’s Own Country.


  • Keep your valuables like important documents, money, jewellery, etc. in the hotel's safe deposit. Keep an eye on your money while traveling in crowded places.
  • Women are advised to take precautions against some men who may stare and try to get over friendly. Try to converse the least with strangers. They are also requested to avoid attending late night parties alone.
  • Keep more than one photocopy of your passport, travelers’ cheques, insurance and other related papers. Carry them in a safe and easily accessible bag so that you may easily access them when required.
  • While visiting a place of worship, make sure you always remove your footwear. Some places also require you to cover your head.
  • Stay in a recognized hotel. India has a number of 5 star and 4 star hotels to suit your taste and budget.
  • Always carry your medicines and other medical requirements with you. You never know when it may come handy.
  • Since you are a foreigner, who is unacquainted with the local language, you should ensure that while talking to a local, he understands what you say either by signs or by words.
  • Before taking a snap of a monument or building, always ask for permission from the concerned authorities to avoid getting into trouble.
  • Always carry cotton outfits, hats, sun glasses and sunscreen lotion for touring in the tropical climate of Kerala.
  • Remember the local emergency numbers of police control room, fire station and ambulance.
    Police              100
    Fire                  101
    Ambulance    102


  • Wear provocative and revealing clothes. It not only hurts Indian sensibilities, but also invites unwanted attention.
  • Exhibit public display of affection. Keralites are sensitive and do not approve of physical intimacy in public.
  • Accept food and drinks from strangers while travelling in trains and buses. They may contain intoxicating substances and you risk losing your baggage.
  • Roam around barefoot. It might give you a fungal or parasitic infection. Make sure you wash your feet thoroughly with clean water and soap and dry them quickly.
  • Put all your money in one place. Try to carry only a sufficient amount of cash as far as possible. ATM’s are widely available throughout the state in case you need to withdraw more cash.
  • Depend on strangers to book tickets for you. Always contact a recognized travel agency.
  • Confront anyone with physical violence. Keralites are generally peace loving people but violent acts can ignite their fury.
  • Throw away bills, tickets and receipts during the tour. You might need them towards the end of the tour. Always save them for record purposes and transparency.
  • Drink from slow moving streams, lakes or dams.


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